How “real” can the industry be? How “serious” are they at all? We say, DEFINITELY! Of course “Seeing is Believing”, therefore the only way is to show.


Recently, we brought our students on a Field Trip to visit Animonsta Studios, the home of the popular Malaysian animation television series, “Boboi Boy”. They were all given an opportunity to tour around their office, watch closely what their staffs work on and also learn the process of making the magic happen. Later on that day, we were greeted by Mr Kee Yong Pin, the Business Development Director. He explained the establishment, the Vision and Mission of the company and some future plans.


We returned with a very excited heart and prepared mind. What we realized by now is that they are very real and very serious. So are we at Arte Academy. Contact us at 03-5879 8269 to get to know us.