This morning we were graced by the presence of Dr Julian Ng, the Vice President of Warnborough Worldwide for our Academic and Campus Assessment.



Discussions were led by Mr Han Raphael and Mr Sky Ng, focussing on Academic Standard and Business Operations. We thank him for his time and availability for being here.


"Vocational Studies is the future to go with."
Dr Julian Ng

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Arte Academy students at the recent AEMY Gathering! Special guest Karl shared some new insights on the latest updates of Adobe Premiere and After Effects. And you can bet our students benefited a lot from this session.

arte-smk-ss17-career fair 

Striving to provide opportunity is never a question of ability. It is given to those who seek earnestly after it. That goes for us too. Distance never stopped us to travel just 20 minutes to seize the opportunity to meet up many talented students to tell them, that they too, can make a difference in their life and in the Creative Industry.



At Arte Academy, we are committed to provide opportunity to everyone who is willing to learn and make a difference in their lives, in turn make a difference in the Creative Industry. Close to 200 students expressed their interest in 3D Animation and Digital Film Production. Four hours of talking to the multitudes seemed to fly off within seconds. Contact us at 03-5879 8269 to have your opportunity taken to greater heights.

 How “real” can the industry be? How “serious” are they at all? We say, DEFINITELY! Of course “Seeing is Believing”, therefore the only way is to show.


Recently, we brought our students on a Field Trip to visit Animonsta Studios, the home of the popular Malaysian animation television series, “Boboi Boy”. They were all given an opportunity to tour around their office, watch closely what their staffs work on and also learn the process of making the magic happen. Later on that day, we were greeted by Mr Kee Yong Pin, the Business Development Director. He explained the establishment, the Vision and Mission of the company and some future plans.


We returned with a very excited heart and prepared mind. What we realized by now is that they are very real and very serious. So are we at Arte Academy. Contact us at 03-5879 8269 to get to know us.