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Saturday 12pm - 3pm

Participants /class

15 students



Come discover the world of graphic design with our instructor, Arun through the amazing tools of Adobe inclusing Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and learn how you could create the most beautiful designs in typography, logos and icons as well as posters, banners and flyers.

Learn the fundamentals of graphic design with this course. Learn how to manipulate images with Photoshop, create vector graphics in Illustrator and publications in Indesign. By the end of the course learners will be able to understand and create printable and digital graphic designs for various purposes




Basic Photo Corrections Working with Selections

Clone Stamp and healing brush

Puppet Warp and Refining Mask

Producing and printing consistant color Working with 3D Images

Creating and editing shapes in Illustrator

Drawing with Pen and Pencil

Colors, shapes and brushes

Working with Symbols and effects

Working with objects in INDESIGN

Flowing Text, Editing Text

Working with Color

Typography and Styles

Importing and Modifying Graphics

Creating tables

Printing and Export




Zephany Kwan

Zephany is an award wining graphic designer with experiences working with various companies. From company branding to T shirt design, she has done it all. Currently a leading corporate trainer in graphic design that has trained staff from various companies as well


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